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Congrats on a fantastic year! Well done to all our athletes for a great 2020/21 season. Enjoy your break and we will see you all back on the track later this year for our new 2021/22 season. 

The school season squad training has returned. Training will take place every Wednesday & Friday from 4-5pm at Girraween. Open to all athletes turning 10 this year and older. For more information, squads fees and availability contact our head coach Mick. 

Online Registration - Currently in season

Online registration is now available for new, returning and transferring athletes by clicking the ‘REGISTER ONLINE’ button below. It is recommended that you register online before attending a sign on day. If you have any troubles use our GUIDE TO REGISTER ONLINE  for more information and to help guide you through.
IMPORTANT: All athletes must be financial registered members of Little Athletics Noosa before they can compete in any event.


We will be implementing a few changes due to COVID. All attendees need to sign in via our EVA Check-in app – Please look for the QR code when you arrive at Girraween and scan in. You can set yourself up prior to coming along and save time on the night.  If you don’t have access you will need to sign in, using the paper registration form before any family members can go out onto the field. All attendees will need to santizie prior to going out on to the field and will also need to santizise when moving between events.

All equipment will need to be wiped down before moving to your next event. All cleanning solutions and santizier will be provided on the field and in the toilets. This will ensure that Noosa Little Athletics are doing their part in maintaining the COVID curve to zero. Please ensure that you are able to assist us with this. On arrival for our first night, and once all families have signed in, please send your athlete out to the field and sit behind their numbered age group ready for the night. Parents may make their way back to the grandstand. 



Little Athletics Noosa offers activities for 5–16 year olds, while our senior club Noosa Athletics, caters to athletes aged 13 and over.

Athletes are encouraged to do their best each competition night with an emphasis on family, fun and fitness.

Little Athletics Noosa holds regular competitions on Friday evenings from 5pm at the Girraween Sports Complex in Sunshine Beach, starting in September through until March the following year.

More information about Little Athletics Noosa can be found by clicking on CENTRE INFORMATION or by viewing our Centre Handbook.



The regular Little Athletics Noosa meets are held on Friday nights, from September to March. Athletes sign-in at 5pm, a group warm-up is held from 5:15pm and events start at 5,30pm. The Friday night competitions are held at the Girraween Sports Complex, Eenie Creek Road, Sunshine Beach.

There are also opportunities to compete in inter-club competitions. The main events each year are the Regional Relays in November, and the individual Regional Championships held in February. From U9 onwards, athletes participating in Regional events can qualify for State Championships.

Registration can be done online.

When registration becomes available online, payments can be made using a credit card. Packs can be collected on our first night back, if you have registered before the night.

There are no sign-on days this year. 

The registration fee is $195 for the first child, $185 for the second and $175 for the third child, with a maximum family registration amount of $650. Four-year-olds may only participate in our Tiny Tots program if they have older siblings registered in the U6-U17 age groups. Our Tiny Tot fee is $80. Prices have dropped due to COVID.

In addition, there is a $80 parent helper levy. This is fully refunded if you help out in some way at 50% of Friday night competitions (usually 12 nights). As we (like other Little Athletics clubs) depend entirely on volunteer input, we need parent helpers to assist with a number of fairly easy tasks each week to allow competition to take place. Just don’t forget to sign your parent helper book each time you help out!

There is government funding assistance for eligible athletes/families through the ‘Get in the Game’ funding program.  Details can be found at:

Yes, and athletes need to wear these for Friday night competitions. The uniform consists of a polo shirt (cost $40), and either black bike pants or black shorts ($32). Athletes who are U13 or above have the option of the singlet (for boys – $35) and crop top (for girls – $45) instead of the polo shirt. Girls crop and bike pants sets can be purchased for $85.  Athlete registration numbers and age group patches must be attached to the relevant part of the top (especially for regional/state competitions – Little Athletics Queensland is very strict about this!).  Please also note for official competitions that shorts cannot have visible brand logos or coloured stitching. Further details are available in the competition handbook.

It is taken from the child’s age on 31 December of the competition year. For example, a child who is 11 years old on 31 December in a given year, will be in the U12 age group for that season.

Yes. Our season runs from the beginning of September through to mid-March. We do run normal Friday night competitions through the September/October school holidays. We also have a 4-week break over Christmas.

Yes. It is Centre policy that a parent/guardian must sign their athlete in on the appropriate age group recording sheet and remain with them at the track for the duration of the competition.

Please see the information on coaching and training on our website or in our handbook for details about what coaching and training is available.