Our Story

Little Athletics Noosa began in 1993 with 29 registered athletes competing in various track and field events on the grounds of the Tewantin State School and then across the road to Read Park cricket grounds.

In 2013, we made the move to our current home at the Girraween Sports Centre, Sunshine Beach. The venue has a grass running track, two Long/Triple Jump pits with tartan run-up track, a large canteen, and storage sheds for all our equipment.

On our competition nights, we offer activities for 5–16 year olds. We also run a Tiny Tots program for 4-year-olds that have older siblings registered in U6-U17 age groups.

Our regular competitions are held on Friday evenings from 5pm in the summer season, starting in mid-September through until mid-March the following year.

More information about Little Athletics Noosa can be found in our Centre Handbook.


Our Committee

At Little Athletics Noosa, we have a passionate and dedicated group of people who have volunteered to be part of our committee.

The committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting (held in conjunction with our Awards Night). All parents of registered athletes are eligible to nominate for any position on the committee. Nominations may also be put forward and accepted throughout the season should a position become vacant.


The committee is broken up into three sections – (see below) and meets every third Tuesday of each month.

Centre Manager – Chris Zegers
Secretary – Nick Tudor
Treasurer – Theresa Bentley 
Registrar – Val Hooper
Head Coach – Mick Hooper
Officials Officer – Michelle Moore

PR Officer (Media) – Tanya Mattila 
Website/Social Media – Samantha Hooper
Age Manager Coordinator – Maria Hermus 
Canteen Coordinator – Kait Zegers
Uniforms Officer – Dani Allgood
Fundraising & Sponsorship Coordinator – Nick Tudor

Team Managers – Maria Hermus
(Carnivals) – Liz Angus
Equipment / Facilities Officer – John Munro
Groundsperson – Jeff Coward
Results / Data Recorder – Kate Bowmaker
Starter – Nick Tudor
First Aid Officers – Jane Robson & Mark Robson 


Registration fees for Little Athletics Noosa plus the compulsory Family Levy are payable at the beginning of each season. Family Levy $80.00. 

We also accept Fair Play vouchers (previously known as Get Started vouchers.)

This season, we are asking all families to sign on at home prior to the 17th September. Uniforms can be ordered and paid for online. They can be collected on your child’s first night of competition along with their ‘Welcome pack’. 

As we have invited trialist to our first night – recording of times and field events will still be carried out. There will be no points issued on the first night of competition and points will start the following week, when our trialist can also start as members.


A compulsory Family Levy of $80.00 per family is payable at the beginning of the season. At least one parent/guardian per family must volunteer their time by completing a minimum of twelve (12) tasks at competition nights and events throughout the season.

Examples of tasks are listed below:
– Set-up on Friday nights from 4.30pm
-Pack-up from 7pm until all equipment is stored away
– Set-up and pack-up of ASAP arena (Tiny Tots – U7) — mini hurdles and all play equipment
– Canteen duty (cooking, serving, cleaning up after close)
– Age Manager, for one age group (minimum of 80%
attendance required)
– Age Manager assistant, for one age group (measuring,
retrieving and recording)
– Finish line duties (training available)
– Starter (all track events on a competition night – training available)
– Officiating at Regional Relays or Regional Championships (training available)
– Assistance at Noosa Gift – canteen, age manager, track recording, officiating/assistance at field events (3-hour shifts)
– Fundraising — BBQs (eg 3-hour shifts held at Bunnings or Dan Murphy’s) and centre raffles
– Working Bees – (Girraween Sports Complex)

At the end of each season families that have completed the minimum number of tasks will qualify for their levy to be rolled over to the following season OR parents can seek a refund after our Annual General Meeting (held in April/May).


Uniforms are compulsory for all athletes at all centre competition nights and away competitions!

Uniform prices are currently the same as last season. An increase in price will only happen when we receive new stock in.


A special t-shirt has been designed for our Tiny Tots with an ‘L-plate’ on the back and centre logo on the front. T-shirts are available in white, pink or blue. Black shorts or bike pants with ‘NOOSA’ in white on the right leg are also available. However, wearing an official uniform is optional for Tiny Tots as they do not compete in any competitions other than at centre level on Friday nights. Tiny Tots may wear a plain t-shirt or polo shirt and plain coloured shorts.


The uniform for all U6 to U17 athletes consists of a grey polo shirt with left and right side royal blue, white sleeves and centre logo on the back and front left. Black shorts or bike pants with ‘NOOSA’ in white on the right leg complete the uniform. Skins may be worn and must be black. For all away competitions, skins that have logos must be worn inside out so that no logos are showing. Boys must wear shorts over their skins.

Girls in U13 to U17 may wear a crop top and bike pants set as an alternative, or addition to, the standard polo shirt and bike pants uniform. Only the blue bike pants can be worn with the crop top. Boys in U13 to U17 may wear a singlet as an alternative, or addition to, the standard polo shirt and black shorts.


Coles are one of Little Athletics Queensland’s official partners. The Coles sponsor patch needs to be fixed to uniforms on the front of all polo shirts, singlets and crop tops on the top right-hand side. If you need extra patches, just ask!


Noosa Athletics uniforms are compulsory for all U13 to U17 athletes competing at any Queensland Athletics (QA) event. Little Athletics Noosa uniforms are not permitted. Boys must wear the Noosa Athletics singlet and black Noosa shorts. Girls may wear the singlet with the Noosa Athletics grey bike pants or the crop top and grey bike pants. Skins may be worn and must be black. For all away competitions, skins that have logos must be worn inside out so that no logos are showing. Boys must wear shorts over their skins. QA registration numbers are to be pinned onto the front of the singlet, underneath the Noosa Athletics logo, or pinned onto the front of the crop top.


Polo / Crop / Singlet – $40

Shorts / Bike Pants – $40

Tiny Tots T-Shirt – $20


Shoes are compulsory for all Athletes competing in all events at all venues. Any person seeking exemption from this rule must support such application with a relevant medical certificate on the day of competition, prior to competing.

Suitable shoes for athletics are:

  • Waffles (lightweight running shoe)
  • Running shoes (sandshoes)
  • Spike shoes


    Spikes may be worn at Centre level competition in the U11 to U17 age groups at the discretion of the Centre Committee. Spikes must be carried to each event and removed after each event. Spikes must be no longer than:
  • 7mm (synthetic track)
  • 9mm (synthetic field)
  • 12mm (grass – track or field)

Needle spikes are not permitted at most LAQ state venues. Please check the LAQ website for each competition your child attends to ensure you have the correct spikes. Purchasing a second set of spikes that are Christmas Tree or Pyramid shaped will ensure you are not caught out when competing on Tartan tracks.

NOTE: Athletes in Tiny Tots to U10 are not allowed to wear spikes in any events. This includes spike shoes (without spikes or blanks) that have rosettes around the spike areas or which have anything hard/sharp protruding from any area of the sole



Code of conduct

  • Make every athletics competition-meeting serve as a training ground for life and as a basis for good mental and physical health. 
  • Do not criticize children in front of others, but give constructive criticism in private. 
  • Accept decisions of all officials as being fair and judged to the best of their ability. 
  • Do not criticize opposing athletes or supporters by word or gesture. 
  • Cheer all good performances, whether by a club member or an opponent. 
  • Set a good example by your own personal appearance. 
  • Place the welfare and development of the individual child above win and loss records. 

Wet weather policy

In the event of wet weather, extreme heat or other weather warnings, competition nights or training may be cancelled.

The decision to cancel will be made by the management committee fifteen minutes prior to the commencement of the competition night or training, so we ask that you refrain from contacting us by phone until then.

Members will be notified of any cancellations via email. Updates will also be provided on the home page and on our Facebook site.

No Alcohol policy

Little Athletics Noosa has a No Alcohol Policy, endorsed by Little Athletics Queensland, which applies to all competition nights,
training sessions and events hosted by Little Athletics Noosa at the Girraween Sports Complex.

Never arrive at a Little Athletics competition night, training session or event under the influence of alcohol.

Under no circumstances is alcohol permitted onto, or to be consumed on the premises during a Little Athletics competition night,
training session or event.

Little Athletics Queensland is aware that alcohol, when misused, can cause harm to the drinker and others.
This Alcohol Policy has been adopted to reduce the risks and avoid potential problems.

For the purposes of this policy, ‘activity’ includes competitions, carnivals and championships, coaching events/activities,
education clinics and school events/activities. 

It does not include social activities conducted away from competition or coaching venues.

Little Athletics Queensland has a zero tolerance on the consumption of alcohol during any sanctioned event. There will be no sale or consumption of alcohol during the conduct of any Little Athletics activity.

The Little Athletics Queensland Board of Directors shall deem the consumption of alcohol during competitions or activities a breach of the Little Athletics Queensland Code of Behaviour and is subject to disciplinary action.

Where alcohol is consumed at a Little Athletics function, the following measures will be taken:

– Alcohol will not be served to minors.
– Alcohol will not be served to any person who is intoxicated.
– Low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks will be available.
– Food options will be available when alcohol is served.
– Persons who have been drinking will be encouraged to use safe transport options.

Contact Us

Phone: 0434 121 365

For training
Phone: 0411 218 422